Integrated HR data – the basis of HR Software for large companies.

01 Aug 22

Enough custom fields │ User-friendly application│ Customisable filters │ Employee self-service

Manage employee information all in one place. Track, find, and export just what you need in seconds. Because we don’t just sell software but also expert consultants, we together develop intelligent data structures for your specific company. The result? Users can generate EE reports within minutes.

This core module integrates with all other modules and keeps employee records up to date in real-time. What’s more, is that this online HR reporting software also integrates with almost any 3rd party such as Payroll. For example- Onboarding workflow software processes new employee data which automatically updated your People Management module and electronic employee file. This can be processed to your Payroll upon request.

HR software for large companies?

Why do we say YES?

  • Employee self-service is always part of the package.
  • Security measures are enforced throughout the application.
  • Compliance Management is part of our solution. On-premise HR software like HR, Manage helps to comply with the POPI act. Ensuring that people’s data is complete (via Workflow software for processes like Onboarding), accurate, and up to date (via Employee self-service).
  • Contractor management like external companies, training providers, or learners is all accommodated in this customizable HR solution.
  • Batch uploading and editing of data- our Enterprise HR software are designed with scalability in mind.

See what we’re offering

HR Manage is a fully fledged Human Resource software system that has been on the market for over 20 years.  See some of our  other modules below and why some of the leading companies in South Africa has been sticking with us for over a decade.

HR System Overview

See an overview of the HR Manage software and the modules available in our complete HR Solution.

People Management

Manage biographic and occupation information for employees and contractors.  This is a core module where all other modules retrieve information from.

Training Administration

Schedule, track and manage training within your company or training college. Includes Bursary management, cost tracking and printing of custom designed certificates.

Reporting & Exporting

Generate standard complex reports like Employment Equity and SETA, or build custom reports using one of our advanced report designers.

Electronic Job Profiling

Build a library of Job Profiles that can be linked to people and used in reviews. Job Profiling can also be done in bulk using our unique Job Profiling Matrix.

Performance Management

Conduct reviews online based on generic or customised job profiles. The processes, scoring methodology, rating sets and all other aspects are customisable to suit almost any requirement.

Leave Administration

Comprehensive leave management with online applications and approvals, reporting and custom workflows for each type of leave. System allows for complex rules to be configured.

HR Workflows

Build custom workflows and forms for business processes such as employee on-boarding or staff movement. With various flexible types of activities (and more being added regularly), the system is as flexible as it gets.

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